A study by Standford University recently revealed that a person’s attitude is a better indicator of success than their IQ. While most of us often assume those over intelligent peers of our are bound to achieve the highest success in their career, it could, in fact, be the opposite. The difference in people’s attitude is separated into two categories, a fixed mindset and a growth mindset. So which of these are you and which attributes to the most success?

According to Carol Dweck, a psychologist who has dedicated her career to the study of attitude and performance, those with a fixed mindset often feel overwhelmed when faced with a challenge. On the contrary, those with a growth mindset are often eager to accept a challenge with the notion that there is an opportunity to learn something new.

For those with a fixed mindset, they’re often struggling to make themselves look smart in every situation. If confronted with an obstacle, they’re quick to give up. If they’re given constructive criticism, it often goes ignored. Someone with a growth mindset is constantly looking for opportunities to learn and will more often than not, persist in the face of an obstacle. They’ll appreciate the criticism, and grow from it.

Roy Dekel AttitudeTravis Bradberry, author of “Why Attitude is More Important Than Intelligence” suggests that those of us with a growth mindset will “outperform those with a fixed mindset, even when they have a lower IQ, because they embrace challenges, treating them as opportunities to learn something new.” Fortunately for those with a fixed mindset, Travis suggests you use the following strategies to develop a growth mindset.


  1. Don’t stay helpless.

The tell tale attribute of a growth-minded individual is their actions in the face of failure. In order to truly succeed in anything you do, one must accept their failures and push through any circumstance. You will learn from your mistakes and that, in turn, will make for a more experienced, knowledgable future you.

2.  Be passionate.

“What you lack in talent, you can make up for in passion,” another valid theory of Bradberry’s. Passion will always lead you to success if you can find a relentless enthusiasm for your work, you’ll subconsciously be in the pursuit of excellence.

3. Then go the extra mile (or two).

Growth mindset individuals don’t put limits on themselves. Each and every day, strive to make yourself even just a little bit better in all aspects of life. Even when you feel like you’ve given it your all, reflect on your work and ask yourself, “could I have done better?”


Attitude is everything in the determination of a person’s success. Without the right mindset in place, you’re only hindering your own growth potential. So reflect on your current characteristics and make a plan to put strategies in place so that you too could be the best of the best in your career.