IRVINE, Calif., Feb. 1, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — SetSchedule CEO Roy Dekel was the subject of a Q&A with CEO/CFO magazine this week, discussing how technology is revolutionizing the real estate industry and how SetSchedule is leveraging its influence to give real estate agents an edge.

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In the Q&A, Dekel explains how SetSchedule allows real estate agents to search, find, pick and connect with homeowners and homebuyers, allowing the real estate agent to more effectively and easily manage the sales cycle from the first appointment to closing. The platform collects data about the agents and their prospective clients and matches them based on the best fit in a process he describes as being “almost like a dating platform.”

Data scientists for SetSchedule constantly monitor and extract raw data about homebuyers and sellers from several different channels, including certain behavioral and public records channels in order to build a profile. From there, the data is either shared with the real estate agents or the concierge marketing team, which connects with the homeowners directly.

“We are the only company doing anything like this and that is reason that we have patents and patents pending on our platforms,” says CEO, Roy Dekel.

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