The real estate industry is known for being particularly fickle and a bit old fashioned. Although the advent of the internet has made the whole buying and selling process a lot easier, still, the whole process of how properties are bought and sold has been the same for a long time. Then in 2014, along came Roy Dekel and Setschedule.

Setschedule is described as a first of its kind. Using the latest cutting edge technology, Setschedule is a forward-thinking marketing company that provides a unique connection between Real Estate professionals with homeowners and home buyers that are looking to buy and sell residential properties in the United States. The founders of Setschedule, led by Israeli-born CEO Roy Dekel have combined years of Real Estate and expertise in technology together to generate an unmatched product that is fair to say, has revolutionized the way homes are bought and sold. Having observed that Real Estate agents spent a great deal of their time and sizeable amounts of money pursuing potential leads to try and secure an appointment, Roy Dekel and the Setschedule team set about determined to remove as much of the hard, and sometimes fruitless, work as possible. The focus was and remains, on putting reputable local real estate agents with verified appointments face to face with qualified home owners who are actively looking to buy and sell their property.

In the few years that Setschedule have been operating, the company headquartered in Irvine, California, has established a network of nearly 3000 top-tier residential real estate agents, providing nation-wide coverage to home buyers and home sellers all across the US. The unique Setschedule method has created a much-needed appointment system that enables properties to sell six times faster than the average house sale.

Setschedule Launches SetValue Tool

Despite the continued success of Setschedule, which recently saw a record number of premium subscribers to its service and coverage extend to 43 states, the revolution of the real estate industry goes on. Recently, Setschedule, who pride themselves as being leaders within its field, launched its new SetValue tool. The SetValue tool utilizes the same cutting edge technology that made Setschedule an indispensable feature, to offers homeowners and home buyers an easy-to-use tool which provides an accurate estimation of a property value, using wide-ranging data accumulated from just about every available resource possible.

The SetValue tool looks set to make the whole home buying and selling process quicker and even more efficient than ever before. The mobile app, although not a substitute for an appraisal carried out by a real estate professional, provides a reliable valuation and can connect homeowners and home buyers to reputable local experts to carry out a formal valuation. Working on the same premise as Setschedule, establishing the connection between verified home owners and home buyers with top-tier home valuators, can only create a smoother, more efficient home buying and selling process, reducing the hassle and stress for all the parties involved.

The revolution in the real estate industry continues and Setschedule, led by entrepreneur and philanthropist Roy Dekel.