Hello, my name is Roy Dekel and I am a professional philanthropist, activist and businessman. I am excited to share some new information about my internship program for youth workers throughout the world. Mentorship has always been a big aspect of the charity work and mindset that I have used to take into every aspect of my business dealings. I feel that by investing in future generations, we can create more successful industries for the future as well as driven and motivated professionals to working every community across the country.

In this exclusive internship program, I teach youth the basics of entrepreneurship and starting their own companies. As a mentor to others, I can give teens the tools necessary to help a business thrive so that they can avoid making major mistakes in the future. I share some of my advice as a business owner as well as encourage youths to take risks and think about starting their own company in a supportive incubation style internship.

Through the course of this program, kids can get the tools that they need to cultivate entrepreneurship ideas as well as learn more about small business owners working in their community. This is more than strategies for making money it is about teaching entrepreneurship as a contribution to the community. Through this program, the younger generation can learn how they can start making things better, how they can become a voice for their community and how small businesses make our country great.

By learning the value of economic development through small business and economic revitalization projects, we can focus on a new generation of entrepreneurs.

The program is spearheaded by myself and my team with an emphasis on development in technology, real estate development, and a few other entrepreneurship opportunities. I am proud to share my experience in business and I hope to inspire future leaders to follow their passion and work for themselves!


Roy Dekel