Los Angeles, CA – Roy Dekel, a seasoned venture capitalist, reputable businessman, and passionate member of the Israeli-American community, this week announced the scheduling of a series of events that will benefit prolific organizations such as Large Than Life and the Israeli American Council (IAC). Dedicated to giving back to the community that has helped him grow and flourish through the years, Dekel is an active member and philanthropist for multiple organizations, including Larger than Life and the IAC.


“As a member of these two hard-working and prominent organizations, I wanted to go above and beyond my annual commitment to them by helping expand their presence in Orange County while accruing the funds needed to support their operation,” said Dekel. “For as long as I can remember, it has always been my passion to help others. These two important organizations in my life deserve my help tenfold, and I am happy to help them secure a larger following.”


Large Than Life: L.A. Family is a Los Angeles based charity dedicated to improving the lives of children with cancer. The organization was founded in Israel in 2000 by parents who had children with cancer. Since then, it has established an international presence through its dedication and commitment to bettering children’s lives by providing financial assistance to cover procedures and medications not covered by health insurance.


The IAC also resonates with the native-born Israeli Dekel as an important network and supportive community of Israeli decedents living in the United States. Dekel grew up in Israel and served in the Army for 5 years before moving to America. Immediately after his move, he became the Director of Business Development at a development and building company. It was there he discovered his passion for business development, expansion, growth, and philanthropic possibilities for surrounding people and children.


“It’s important I support two charities that give back to the Israeli community that lifts me up every single day here in my beloved home of Los Angeles,” said Dekel. “After holding many titles in businesses around the area, I want to empower networks for aspiring businessman like myself, especially those starting to find their footing in America.”



For more information, or to follow Dekel’s philanthropic activities and scheduled charity events, visit: http://roydekel.org/ and www.roydekel.com