Curious about SetSchedule, the company mentioned on the front page of this site? Roy Dekel is the CEO of SetSchedule, a tech company which uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to generate leads for real estate agents.

Why Leads Matter

By the time a house is on the market, the sellers have likely already engaged the services of a real estate agent. And while someone may decide to change agents after a time if they’ve had no luck selling the house, or may choose to hire an agent after failing to sell the house without them, for the most part, these people do not make good leads. Instead, a real estate agent needs to find people who are thinking of selling their house.

In many ways, real estate agents are like recruiters. Just as many people start looking for a new job while still working at their current job, most homeowners will at some point be ready to leave their current house for a new home. Whether it’s time to relocate for a job, buy a bigger home as the family expands, or downsize once the kids have all moved out, there are many milestones that have people ready to put their current house on the market.

SetSchedule uses AI to analyze the historic and current real estate market to determine which houses are most likely to go on the market in the near future, and what their potential value will be. Agents can review the leads in their region and purchase the ones they want to follow up on.

Real estate is an industry that has been good at embracing technology. Real estate agents take advantage of the possibilities of social media marketing, video tours of homes, and may even experiment with virtual reality tours and more. It’s only natural that they’d turn to the advanced fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning to get better insight into the housing market and find more leads.

SetSchedule is More than Just Leads

The SetSchedule platform does more than just identify leads, however. It also provides automation for some marketing tasks, scheduling for communication, client info, and more. It can serve as a dashboard for real estate agencies to manage various aspects of operations, from finding leads to contacting clients to marketing listings. Premium level members get access to cooperative marketing and promotional opportunities as well as priority access to leads.

Automation and organization can allow agents to be more efficient. Increasingly, technology is giving workers in all industries more ability to streamline the functions of their jobs and focus more and more on the aspects of their work that require a human touch, such as creativity and interaction. The less time an agent has to spend on the organizational side of the business, the more time they can spend on connecting with clients, creating great listings for homes, and closing deals.

SetSchedule gives real estate agents the technological tools they need to do business in the 21st century. In the fast pace of today’s world it’s more important than ever to work smarter, not harder, and artificial intelligence is perhaps the smartest solution at all.