Roy Dekel is an American-Israeli businessman who has invested in diverse markets, including finance, entertainment, and real estate developments. Throughout his career, Roy has held various professional roles such as President, Co-Founder, CEO, and Partner in his portfolio companies. Beyond his professional achievements, Roy is actively involved in numerous charitable organizations, supporting the growth and development of the Israeli and Jewish communities.

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Roy Dekel is the CEO of SetSchedule, a technology company that makes business easier for solopreneurs and SMB through the development of networking, office automation, and business development tools.

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Roy Dekel is a dedicated philanthropist with a passion for impacting his community.

Roy Dekel, is an America-Israeli businessman, investor, and philanthropist. He co-founded and invested in numerous successful businesses, including SetSchedule, Rentastic, and Taskable. With an unwavering commitment to driving innovation in enterprise and consumer tech, Roy has consistently pushed the boundaries of what’s possible in the business world.

Hailing from Israel, Roy brings a rich tapestry of experiences to his entrepreneurial journey. Raised in the dynamic landscape of Israel, he imbibed the spirit of resilience and adaptability from a young age. His upbringing as a child of Romanian refugees instilled in him a deep appreciation for hard work and perseverance.

Before venturing into the world of startups, Roy served as a first lieutenant in the Israeli Defense Force. His time in the military honed his leadership skills and instilled in him a sense of duty and discipline that would serve as pillars throughout his career.

Transitioning from military service to the world of business, Roy made significant strides in the financial sector, selling billions in financial products. His expertise in managing a lofty residential portfolio further solidified his reputation as a savvy entrepreneur with a keen eye for opportunities.

Inspired by his own journey and driven by a passion for making a difference, Roy actively supports charities focused on enhancing the quality of life and education for children. His philanthropic endeavors mirror his commitment to leaving a positive impact on the world, both through business and social initiatives.

Roy Dekel In The Community

As a community leader, Roy is a strong advocate for Jewish and Israeli community prosperity. He is an active member of the Israeli American Council (IAC) and the American Technion Society. Both organizations strive to maintain Israeli cultural tradition and provide opportunities to members of the community. Roy also participates in Larger than Life — L.A. Family, an organization committed to improving the quality of life for children suffering from cancer or terminal illness.