Over the past several years, social media has continuously proven its relevance in society. Social media has become an increasingly prominent aspect in everyone’s life. As a business looking to reach a target audience, having an established website is no longer sufficient enough. While the internet and social media platforms might be hindering your direct business, it doesn’t have to. Utilize social media platforms to promote your brand or business, use this new wave of technology to your advantage.

When building your brand across social Roy Dekel Social Mediamedia properties, you want to ensure you’re present on the most eminent platforms. Start with the biggest names in social media, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Having profiles set up for your business, that includes contact information and product information, is a great first step to building  your brand. These properties are high traffic sites and with a strong foundation built initially, time requirements for management is minimal. When setting up your profiles it’s important to make it rich in content and professional, but above all, consistency is key. Your profiles should all exude the same message, you want a cohesive brand, across all pillars online.

Ensure you’re updating your profiles with new content or information regularly, content is the driver of all properties. Inactive profiles with outdated posts and information will only suppress your profile in rankings through search engines. Make sure your new content is relevant to the site, if you’re a business selling dishware post photos and descriptions of your new products. If you’re an entrepreneur make your posts about business, all things pertinent to the audience you’re trying to reach.

Interaction is one of the most important aspects of social media branding. When you’re setting up profiles for your business you can’t just expect people to find your page, you’re the one who needs to be active. Start by following your competitors or businesses in your area, and then follow the accounts who follow them. Determine the target audience  you wish to reach and actively pursue them. Often times potential customers will reach out to your brand by liking a post, commenting, or direct messaging, make sure you’re responding to all customer’s inquiries and compliments with gratitude. That’s just good customer service.

With such an abundance of properties out there, social media platforms almost feel they’re doubling overnight. Take the time to research new platforms and decide which ones will most effectively cater to your brand. Social media opens up doors for connections with your target market, the end goal of all of this is getting them to visit your website.